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Introducing Bipfit ELITE:

The ultimate supplementation to your fitness journey. 

  • Get world-class training from the best in bodybuilding, weightlifting, MMA, yoga, and range of other disciplines for 1/10th the normal price anywhere else, plus hundreds of dollars in discounts
  • Join 299 other members in discussions about fitness and get motivated by other peoples' stories
  • Meet new people who share the same goals and passions as yourself and grow together as part of the Bipfit community

Access to top trainers, weekly insight, expert answers to your questions, and exclusive discounts

•  Entry into member-only group

•  Access to password-protected Bipfit ELITE Page

•  Bipfit Elite Page updated with fresh content daily

•  Vote what topic you want covered each week

•  Emails sent to members, daily, about fresh content with exclusive discounts and extras (option to opt out)

•  Limited number of members

•  Monthly Membership

•  Lottery held for remaining spots if demand exceeds spot limit


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