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(Clayton's Guide to Personal Fitness)

This is an extremely actionable guide full of tips and advice that you can put to use immediately

This is the first edition of this book. It will be updated and revised in the future. You will have access to later editions of the book FREE by purchasing this version now. 

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1. No Excuses

2. Make Training Goal Specific

3. How to Exercise

4. Fitness Ecosystem

5. Diet

6. Building a Split

7. Exercise List

What you'll learn:

  • How to be fit on a budget
  • How to be fit with little time
  • How to overcome intimidation, injuries/mobility, discipline
  • Time management
  • How to set SMART goals, types of goals, how to track goals, how to accomplish goals
  • How to create your own training split 
  • Intensity techniques
  • Types of exercise
  • The best exercises
  • How to lift properly 
  • Example training programs
  • Gym setup
  • Gym lingo/slang/behavior
  • Gym Etiquette
  • Gym Stereotypes
  • Snake Oil/MLM schemes
  • Myths that need to die
  • Macronutrients
  • How your body uses food
  • Good vs Bad food
  • Tips to eat well and less
  • Meal planning
  • and MORE!

Nicholas Cavallaro


"Clayton does an excellent job going over the intricacies of weight training and nutrition. If you are looking into living a healthier life, this is a great way to start". - Nicholas Cavallaro - IFBB Pro - Men’s Bodybuilding

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